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In-Flight Insider is a company with bespoke services to help private jet owners elevate their travel experience.


Recruiting: After a decade of successful collaboration, we are thrilled to announce that in August of 2023, In-Flight Insider and MKubed, have officially joined forces to deliver a new level of talent acquisition services to the private aviation sector on a global level. 

Our joint efforts have facilitated a direct response to the evolving needs of the private & corporate aviation sector. We are committed to propelling the industry forward through our combined expertise in delivering exceptional talent, enhancing the performance and quality of aviation departments, and elevating the standards of Part 91 and Part 135 service and operations.

  • Recruit top aviation talent to specifically match the client and flight department

In-Flight Service Training

In-Flight Service Training: Partnered with Kate Edwards & Company, the New York City premier hospitality service company, the In-Flight Insider’s on-site bespoke program provides superior service training and tools for a professional and cohesive in-flight service that is custom to each client.

  • Client Specific Customized In-Flight Service Training


Outfitting: In-Flight Insider works closely with the jet owner, and crew to thoughtfully customize the cabin and galley to work for the precise way aircraft owner/crew need it to operate. Seamlessly customizing the aircraft cabin interiors, mixing style and maximize functionality.
  • Projects including the wide body B-767 to G-650ER, G-600, G-550’s, Global 5000 and more
    • New owner or charter aircraft customized outfitting 
    • Refresh, organize, and maintain the cabin and galley for accounts with a Pilot only crew (no flight attendant)
  • Member of Gulfstream’s CAB Committee (Cabin Accessory Board)
  • Member of Gulfstream’s ATCAT Committee (Advanced Technology Customer Advisory Team)

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